D-Cal Super

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For use in drinking water and soaked feed.
For emergency situations, can administer directly.
Can be used in all seed diets, more importantly during the breeding season.
D -Cal’ Super supports breeding birds and their young ones with
vital calcium. It contains Vitamin D3 to increase calcium absorption in the digestive tract.
Regular use in all seed eating birds will ensure adequate calcium for strong bones, muscle formation and general well-being.

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Calcium Carbonate             33 gm
Vitamin D3                  25000  gm


Water: User 5 ml per 250 ml of drinking Water. Replace water daily.

Seed: Pour 5 ml over 1 cup socked seed.

Direct dose: 0.2 ml per 100g body Weight.



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100ML, 500ML, 5L


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D-Cal Super
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